What I do....

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With a background in elite hockey I have enjoyed success at the highest level, winning commonwealth, European and World Bronze medals. During this time I learnt about how to train, live and think, to be the best. I travelled the world and developed as an athlete. Being part of a team developed important skills to communicate, understand and work with others. I have experience of working with the media and presenting to young and old about how sport can develop potential, and create opportunities.

Now I have taken a new path, but the skills I developed as a hockey player are the strength behind my new challenges. This is both professionally and personally. 

I am a clinical psychologist working for a charity that work alongside young people to improve their mental health and well-being. I am interested about understanding psychological well being in adolescence and trying to create opportunities for young people. I believe that so much potential and talent can be lost if it is not given the right circumstances and opportunities. Sport can provide these opportunities and create goals for the future. 

I have had a very successful 2017 as a professional triathlete and I am working hard to be the best I can be and perform at the highest level. After one season in the sport, I am hooked. I love exploring on my bike, swimming in the open air and plodding the park trails on foot. Most importantly, I stand on the start line, trust the training, and express myself on race day.