2014 - An exciting year ahead

This is a photo of a Christmas present from my older (and clearly wiser!) sister. It has stayed with me for many reasons and inspires me every time I read it. Everyone has dreams and goals, they motivate us and give us direction. I tend to set goals that challenge me and help me learn. I chased and realised many dreams in my hockey career and I am ready to do the same in triathlon. For me,  the dream or goal is not the end point, it is just an opportunity to reflect on success, build on what you have learnt and see where the journey takes you next! 



So..... What are the dreams this year??? 

1) Slateman - a Welsh lake in May (cold), a mountain pass in Snowdon (steep) and a trail run (tough)! This race is all about the mental challenge and will be a great way to kick start my season. 

2) Elite Super Series - Racing in the elite super series has been a goal that has motivated me to continue to build on last years improvements and train hard over the winter. It will stretch me and be a huge learning experience. I know it will be a challenge, but I am excited to make the next step. With a season behind me I feel confident in my ability and have decided I would rather give it a go and see what happens..... Than always wonder 'what if?' 

3) Race my first half marathon by the end of 2014 

All I need to do now is stick to the process, keep my training consistent and stay motivated!