Slateman 2014

A different kind of race... A different kind of report! 

First up... Big Congratulations to Suzie Richards (@suzie_richards) for the win and great to share the podium with the legendary Jane Hansom (@janehansom) just a week after she won Mallorca 70.3! Great to meet you both and good luck for the rest of the season.

Some photos, anecdotes, links and more.... Why I loved the race, why everyone should do the Slateman and why I would do it again;

1) Before the race you tell people what it entails and they think you are mad!

2) After the race you tell them what it was like and they are impressed.... But still think you are mad!


3) You can enjoy the scenery (in between trying to breathe!) 

4) You can say 'I cycled up a mountain!'

5) The downhills are super fun.

6) A race where you can use all your gears.. One end to the other. I was loving my Ultegra 11-speed.

7) You check BBC weather religiously praying for the lake to warm up.

8) Nothing prepares you for the cold lake.


9) You will realise you can cycle into a headwind, up a hill and still be moving forwards.... JUST.

10) It defy's nature as there is a headwind the whole way round!!

11) There are times that someone is walking quicker than you are running.

12) The scenery is beautiful... Did I say that already?

12) You can practice your Welsh.

13) Jones O'Gymru crisps are awesome recovery.


14) It is a true test of the hard winter training.

15) If you can get through it, you can do anything.

16) You cross the line and can't quite work out what just happened?!

17) Give 'Llanberissonians' a Chain Reactions 'cow bell' and they form the perfect cheer squad. 

18) There are plenty of pain face photos from the race

19) You have a good chance of being on TV (Sunday 7th July, Channel 4)

20)It will confirm that it is always worth doing something you are scared of.

21) You can hold it against the person who persuaded you to do it!!

22) You get a 'welsh slate' coaster for completion... The same welsh slate you just ran up.

In short.... I had a great day. I swam well, biked solidly and ran strong. Most importantly I gained belief through the experience and finished 2nd female and 46th overall. There were technical areas through transition that could be improved, but on the day I raced hard and was smiling.... Well on the inside at least!!

Thank you for the super light Argon18 Gallium, Fulcrum racing speed wheels and Catlike Aero Helmet from I-ride, so glad for them on a hilly, windy course!


Thanks @peeestu and @ttirideraceteam manager @richnewey for the company.... It is the kind of race that is always better to share.


I would recommend any Always Aim High Events: Well organised, challenging and fantastically supported!