'Wing Building' British Super Series - Blenheim

A little rhyme to reflect on my first elite race.....Blenheim was a great course in beautiful scenery. Well done to everyone who raced, the experience has made me excited for the rest of the season and Finishing 10th was a good start! I am really enjoying the opportunity to race at this level. 



Build up week took forever, taking it day by day

Rather be training hard and long... But staying disciplined on my taper

It never really hit me, until I was at the start

The fact I was in an elite wave and I wanted to make a mark

I felt the nerves and anticipation too, but I was ready to go, even though I was new

Swim, we were off, I couldn't find a rhythm

Hitting all the wrong lines, feeling lost, didn't make a decision

So I came into T1, a long way back... Out onto the bike to hunt for a pack


Up a few hills feeling so strong, so glad to find help, it didn't take long

Pushed the bike with @susie_richards, we couldn't of been working harder

Each sharing the work, as we went on, steadily getting  faster

Reaching lap three we caught @loufoxtri, good to have more in the pack

Such a good bike, we had worked our way up, and now we could all try get back

End was in sight and the gaps they were small, into T2, stay strong and run tall

Rhythm was there, plenty to chase

It was good to work hard, to try keep the pace

End of lap one I tried to get clear, run strong and run tall, there's nothing to fear

Still running with Lou, still feeling the pain



But not giving in, still lots to gain

Little by little, we moved up the race, passed a few more, still more to chase

End was in sight, I had nothing more left

No response to the sprint, I needed a rest

How much I have learnt and need to review. Windsor up next, I'm no longer new

Enjoyed the bike, I loved the run. Onwards and upwards, but keep having fun

I wanted to say, big thanks to my coach, for the plan and the calm, structured approach

My race it was tough, I was put to the test, such a good experience, racing some of the best.


Big thank you for all my support from I-Ride, Huub, Powerbar, CurraNZ and Compress Sport. Through training and on race day it is massively appreciated!!

Bring on Windsor!!