It's all about the support crew!

Typing this blog with my non-dominant hand has been a bit of a challenge! Being injured has meant I have had lots of time to think and I have been very up and down. What finally got me back to wanting to write was an email from a hockey friend. She updated me on what she had been up to, but also reminded me to keep my blog updated! It made me realise that when others tell you about what they have been up to, it seems to make you want to get going yourself.

I have been out of action now for over four weeks, probably the longest time I have ever had off training! I am disappointed not to be racing for the rest of the season, after crashing at the race in Windsor. I was in good shape physically and felt confident in all the hard work I had put in over the winter. Now I have to remind myself the hard work hasn't disappeared, it is just currently on pause! I have had to have surgery on a broken collarbone, but I am now fully reinforced with a metal plate and screws! I am ready to move forward on the journey through rehab. I have been bored at times, but had more time for my studies, so it is not all bad. I have also been reminded how much I love to train and therefore feel even more motivated to get back to it.

It's times like this that you feel even more grateful for the people around you. I can't thank people enough for the support, the best wishes, the extra pairs of hands and the belief in me to recover. I know I will be drawing on this a lot over the next few months. Triathlon is an individual sport, but in many ways, I am learning that it is all about having the right people supporting you... Especially when you are injured!

My coach has listened, reassured and helped me plan. Other athletes have drawn on their experiences and given me some brilliant advice. Most importantly,  friends and family have been there to put things in perspective and remind me of what's important.


Over the next few months I will be reminding myself of this feeling and I will work hard to get myself back to places like this!!

Taking it step by step and day by day.